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Raise your Voice for Africa by contributing to our Choir Training Program.

The children who come through the Training Academy make up the two Choirs that tour every year. Choir children represent the voices of the millions of orphans and vulnerable children living in poverty throughout Africa. Each tour touches thousands of people, inspiring them to help thousands of African children in return. As the launch pad for these children, the Training Academy is vitally important to the success of the African Children’s Choir and our sponsorship programs. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 USD ($2,500 per child) by December 31, 2017 to put 40 more children (2 choirs) through the ACC Training Academy in 2018.

This year, we want to introduce you to Timothy (Choir 19) & Rebecca (Choir 48) as they share their stories from very different points in their journey with the African Children's Choir and the impact that the Choir Training Program has had on their lives. Videos released weekly will tell more of their stories as they prepare to raise their voices for Africa on their upcoming choir tour. 

Releases December 19, 2017

Releases December 19, 2017

Releases December 26, 2017

Releases December 26, 2017

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Giving Levels



Provides clothing, shoes, personal hygiene and basic medical care for one child.


Provides bedding, mosquito nets, mattresses, and towels for one child. 


Provides five months of nutritious meals at the training academy for one child.


Covers the cost of costumes, drums, and instruments needed for tour.


Fully funds one child through the Training Academy and tour preparations.


Provides funding for building and grounds improvements.


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The story continues...


Last year we launched our Voices for Africa campaign to help fund the selection, training and tour programs for two new African Children’s Choirs. Thanks to your generous contributions, the 36 children in Choirs 47 and 48 are thriving. Despite their impoverished conditions at home, these children now have the opportunity to see the world, learn about Jesus, and obtain a quality education that will last through university. These children are tomorrow’s ChangeMakers.




One of those ChangeMakers is Timothy, who originally toured with Choir 19 in 2000 and recently graduated from university with a degree in Statistics. During university, Timothy served in our Music for Life Outreach programs and helped plant a Church for South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda. He is now serving as a chaperone and mentor to Rebecca of Choir 48. Rebecca comes from a single-parent family living in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. After being turned away by her local primary school for lack of school fees, she told her father she would pray for the chance to get an education. Not long after, she was selected to join the Choir and now has the opportunity to pursue her dreams.




This simple story is one of many and the result of generous people like you. While Rebecca’s journey is just beginning, Timothy’s journey has equipped him, and thousands like him, to create exponential change as a community leader in his home country and on tour.


In 2018, we’ll be selecting and training children for two more choirs. The 40 children selected will represent some of Africa’s most impoverished communities. Just like Timothy and Rebecca, they’ll receive a quality Christian education, access to mentoring and discipleship programs, and the chance to see and experience the world beyond their poverty-stricken environments.

We are asking for your support to help us continue to fund our campaign, Voices for Africa! Every tax-deductible contribution makes a significant difference in our ability to help and serve children in need. Please make your donation today, so children like Rebecca can look forward to a bright future as tomorrow’s ChangeMakers. Give online at voicesforafrica.org or give using the form below.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas, 

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Scott Lambie  |  Director of Development